Our Chosen charity for 2016 will be It has been agreed that a percentage (10%) of the ‘My-Wishbone’ profits will be going to War Child which aims to improve the lives of young people and inspire them to be the best they can be. This complement’s My-Wishbone’s mind-set.  

In short War Child are an international charity that believes in a world in which children’s lives are no longer torn apart by war. Children suffer the most at the hands of conflict. Not only are their families, homes and basic services devastated but children are increasingly becoming the deliberate targets of war.

War Child work in some of the world’s most volatile areas including Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen and Uganda helping the most vulnerable children who are too often forgotten during and in the aftermath of conflict. Such as, children living and working on the streets, children who have experienced rape and sexual violence, former child soldiers, children orphaned or separated from their parents by conflict. War Child offer expert in-depth trauma counselling to these children who have experienced things no child should have witnessed.

As well as focusing on protecting children, War Child understand the vital importance of education as it can not only change a life, but save a life too. It can enable future generations to break loose from the cycle of conflict and poverty. Although War Child may arrive during a conflict they remain on the ground for years afterwards. Long after the TV news crews have left, building sustainable livelihoods – to help get communities back on their feet.

War Child reached 126,425 direct beneficiaries in 2014. This marks a 28% increase from 2014, demonstrating a significant increase in the need for the charities support. Your donation to War Child will ensure in 2016 we make an even bigger difference to the lives of children who are currently caught up in conflict.

Thank you for supporting us, stay tuned and much love from the WB team  x